• The World's First International
    Virtual Halal Conference.

    From 6th April to 18th April, 2020.
    Bringing Together Experts In Halal Industry To Share Valuable Knowledge Through Online Conferences.

  • Under The Patronage Of
    H.E. Mr. Ihsan ÖVÜT,
    Secretary General of SMIIC, Turkey.

    To Address The Challenges In Halal Industry & Help In The Sustainable Development Of Halal Economy.

Conference Schedule

Experts From Halal Industry Will Be Conducting Online Presentation On Important Topics In Halal Economy.

  • Monday06/04/2020
  • Tuesday14/04/2020
  • Wednesday15/04/2020
  • Thursday16/04/2020
  • Friday17/04/2020
  • Saturday18/04/2020
01:00 PM
Makkah Time

Quran Recitation by Shaikh Mohammed Hani Al-Mazeedi.

01:05 PM

Welcome Speach by H.E. Mr. İhsan ÖVÜT the Secretary General of SMIIC at the Opening Session of the First International Virtual Halal Conference 06 April 2020.

01:30 PM

Rethinking the Halal Sector: Past, Present and Future.

02:00 PM

Challenges for authentication and auditing of Halal food production in non-Muslim countries during the lock down periods.

03:00 PM

How important is Halal to you?

06:00 PM

The Post COVID-19 Impact On Halal Food Industry: The Next New Norms.

07:00 PM

Can intermittent fasting during Ramadan impact the body's immunity against infection?

10:00 AM

Halal 101: Back To Basics.

Presented by Ms. Roziatul Akmam Osman, CPA(M). Halal subject matter expert specialising in Leadership, Managment, Marketing, Continuous Improvement.

Ms. Roziatul Akmam Osman
Halal Subject Matter Expert
11:00 AM

Where there's a will, there's a way! The Story Of Mecca-Cola!

Presented by Professor Mr. Tawfik Mathlouthi, the founder of Mecca-Cola from France.

Mr. Tawfik Mathlouthi
Founder, Mecca-Cola
12:00 PM

Growth Media For Enzymes & Starter Cultures In Halal Prespective.

Presentation by Dr. Ali Fanous from Halal Control, Germany.

Dr. Ali Fanous
Halal Control
01:00 PM

Serious Issues In Halal Standards: How Can We Harmonize?

Presentation by Dr. Mian Riaz from Texas, USA.

Dr. Mian Riaz
10:00 AM

Demand & Potential Of Islamic Fashion COVID 19: Tows Analysis.

Presentation by Professor Dr. Faridah Hj Hassan (Inqka Uitm Malaysia), Deputy President Waim (World Academy Islamic Management), Malaysia.

Dr. Faridah Hj Hassan
Inqka Uitm Malaysia
12:00 PM

Halal Healthcare & Welfare.

Presentation by Ms. Nusrat Malik Munir, founder & director Regenesis Ltd from Mauritius

Ms. Nusrat Malik Munir
Regenesis Ltd, Mauritius
01:00 PM

The Concept Of Stunning & Slaughtering.

Presented by By Dr. Zeiad from Halalan Thayyiban Research Center, Brunei.

Dr. Zeiad
10:00 AM

Halal In Japan Under Corona Virus Threat

Presentation by Mr. Mohammed Zubair, President, International Islamic Halal Organisation, Japan.

Mr. Mohammed Zubair
IIHO, Japan.
11:00 AM

The Keys to Building a Halal Economy.

Presented by Mr. Fateh Ali, the co-founder & CEO of CollabDeen, Singapore.

Mr. Fateh Ali
CollabDeen, Singapore.
03:00 PM

Social Entrepreneurship & Role of Islamic Finance in Fighting Poverty.

Presentation by Mr. Almir Colan, Director at Australian Centre for Islamic Finance (AUSCIF), Australia.

Mr. Almir Colan
ACIF, Australia.
11:00 AM

COVID-19 as a disrupter: Halal Food & Biotechnology Education In Action.

1:00 PM

Istihala Rules & Conditions - Gelatin & Blood Plasma.

05:00 PM

Closing Speach by Dr. Muhammad Munir Chaudhry, the president of IFANCA, USA.

07:00 PM

Dua by Moulana Navlakhi - Director - SANHA Halaal Authority, South Africa.

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Dr. Hani Al-Mazeedi
Dr. Anwar Ghani
New Zealand
Hajah Jumaatun Azmi
Dr. Mo'ez Al-Islam
Dr. Mustafa Farouk
New Zealand
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Dr. Adel Sabir
Dr. Mariam Abdulatif

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